Art Direction, Branding, Illustration, & Marketing

Firstly App Pre-launch Promotional Animation, 2021

The first in a proposed series of three animations to highlight features of the forthcoming Firstly app. Built with the Firstly marketing team and in-house creative team, led by Cyn Sylvie, with animations built by Jared Schwartz.

Made with Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Figma, and Adobe After Effects CC

Process: Rough Storyboards

Created rough storyboards for three around 30 second animations from loose proposed concepts seeking to highlight key app features

Concept 1: Family Budgeting Together
Concept 2: Building Savings Together
Concept 3: Set Goals Together

Process: Detailed Storyboard

Given the limited time available, I proposed we narrow the scope to assure primary goal of more video content could be met with at least one polished animation to add to the marketing.

From initial roughs, I developed the overall story with detailed storyboards, and assets for the in-house media team to bring to life.

Process: Scaled Storyboards

Storyboards were prepared for four key social ratios: 1:1, 4:5, 9:16, and 16:9. The final intent was to have a 10 and 30 second sharable version at each ratio.

Process: Assets

Created all assets. Sourced music, sound effects, and transition references and actuals for build


Led team on providing reviews and feedback, working closely with the fantastic in-house animator, Jared Schwartz, to refine details and assure accuracy to the brand, forthcoming app and delivered assets. With the amazing Creative Director, Cyn Sylvie, we compromised on the orientation of the phone screen and tiles to increase legibility and decrease time needed to create share-ready animations.

In the end, the project was cut short, but I am incredibly proud of the work we and I accomplished in the four short weeks we spent on this project.