Black Mamas Matter Alliance Toolkit and Postcard Redesign, Editorial Design, 2018

In early 2016, the Center for Reproductive Rights worked with Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) to put together a set of materials about their work as a joint publication. These materials provided resources and information for advocates fighting for better maternal healthcare for black women.

In 2018, BMMA established its own distinct branding. It was decided that these materials needed to both be updated to this new branding in partnership with the Center and created as a single print piece. The previous version included around 5 separate materials in a folder but they found that they never needed the resources separately.

Working with a colleague in the Center’s office with a long history and partnership with BMMA, I redesigned and stitched together these separate resources with a balance of the Center’s and BMMA’s branding standards. We used photography from actual BMMA events and partnerships throughout to highlight the real people providing and fighting for quality maternal healthcare. At a time when maternal mortality rates for black women in this country are at crisis levels, it’s my and the Center’s hope that resources like this help save lives.

Created under the creative direction of the unconquerable Carveth Martin. You can download the full toolkit upon request from the Black Mamas Matter Alliance website.

Made with Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Photoshop CC