Typography and Illustration

Greeting Cards, 2014-ongoing

I’ve been making my own greeting cards since I could hold a crayon. Whether for my parents for every single occasion or on construction paper in the backseat on the way to a birthday party, hoping there weren’t any pot holes on our drive, it’s most likely my first introduction to typographic design. Were there times I fell prey to the classic “big ass ‘H’” issue? No doubt hundreds. But there were hundreds of times I didn’t! 

One day I’ll find the cartoon Christmas card I made with my dad where we printed dozens and I hand colored and roughly filled in speech bubbles and add them as part of my process becoming a better artist and designer, but for now, here’s some of the cards I’ve made in more recent years. 

For these cards, I’ve employed a variety of techniques and materials including repurposing painted elements, tracing over digitally designed layouts, and adjusting hand painted designs to create versions for broader audiences. For example, I created a Happy Birthdays card for my grandparents whose birthdays are just 2 days apart. To reuse this, I simply removed the “s” and shifted the placement for balance.

Made with Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, water colors, colored pencil, ink

IRL and Process
Inspector Scrambles poses with a card of her as the Statue of Liberty